MAD Creative - Fan in the Stand

PUT THE REAL FANS FIRST If there are a limited number of seats available for Fan in the Stand at your stadium offer a staggered release with a time limit for uptake on each:- • SEASON TICKET HOLDERS • SUPPORTERS CLUB MEMBERS • FANS FROM AROUND THE WORLD The time available to purchase for each category counts down towards the final cut off time before a game providing a time sensitive offer to boost uptake and ensuring that the real fans get their opportunity to be a Fan in the Stand first. VIP AREAS FOR CORPORATE SPONSORS Talk to your corporate member sand sponsors about taking a defined area within the stadium that will be exclusive for them. This could be for additional revenue for the club or to offset existing sponsorship deals around the ground whether it be pitch side advertising or other corporate deals that are not getting the coverage they deserve at present because of games happening behind closed doors. These businesses can then offer out free ‘Fan in the Stand’ uploads to their staff or NHS key workers for example bringing about some Corporate Social Responsibility coverage for their brand. GRAND IN YOUR HAND! SPOT THE FAN COMPETITION

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