MAD Creative - Fan in the Stand

Promote the Fan in the Stand campaign by offering those that sign up a chance to £1000 by spotting themselves in the crowd and guessing the seat number they appear on. Can be facilitated through Club website or social media channels giving additional opportunities for coverage or data capture. SOCIAL MEDIA - “I’M SUPPORTINGMY TEAM EVEN BEHIND CLOSED DOORS” Every ‘Fan in the Stand’ print out comes with a unique QR code that can be snapped by the club team installing the cut outs which would be shared with the relevant fan / on your social media channels. These images will be shared online by excited fans showing the world that “I’m supporting my team even behind closed doors”. GIVE BACK TO GOOD CAUSES A proportion of the costs generated from Fan in the Stand can be donated to good causes to ‘give back’ to the community or chosen charities i.e. “£1 from cut out ordered through Fan in the Stand will be donated to charity”. We can even produce an oversized cheque for you to present to your chosen charity pitch side at one of the games for photo opportunities and press coverage!

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